Celebrate. Inspire. Empower.

Clapself is an online platform for bite-sized learning.

Powering minds for the possibilities and opportunities of the digital economy.


Serving the Busy First

Clapself inspires busy learners through applied and short-form learnings from the great minds — passionate experts, leaders, and trailblazers.

We are making learning possible through chunks of under 15-minute long videos focused around a single topic.

Skilling for What's Here

Clapself prepares people and businesses for the new possibilities and opportunities of the rapidly expanding and transforming digital economy.

We bring learners and experts together for shaping a digital ecosystem that is sustainable, inclusive, and equal.

Our Purpose

Our mission is to inspire learning and improve lives.

We strongly believe in the power of applied learnings to bring about a positive change in the world around us. A community where individuals come together to learn and share with a purpose to improve lives is at the center of Clapself experience. We welcome passionate experts and leading organizations to share their practical knowledge to inspire action and help improve lives.

Our Values

Our values define who we are, guide our decisions, and power our actions as we go about improving lives.

Stay Positive

We choose to see good in all things and people.

Have Fun

We enjoy every moment of changing lives.

Respect People

We treat all people with equal respect and dignity.

Be Courageous

We challenge convention by taking smart risks.

Serve with Gratitude

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve.

Act with Integrity

We are honest, ethical, and trustworthy in anything we do.

Our Social Responsibility

We live by the motto that the world is one big family. We are committed to give back and serve it everyday. As a corporation, we support and make regular contributions to the local, national, and global non-profit organizations that are helping solve the basic needs of human life — food, education, shelter, and health.