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Clapself partners with the best minds in Personal Development and Well-Being to bring you the most impactful programs and classes that nourish mind, body, and soul.

Clapself virtual university enables life-long learning by putting a library of personal development courses at your fingertips. Its classes and programs are designed for the busy. They are simple, flexible, and can be easily consumed while on the go.

Programs spanning all aspects of Personal Development.

Self-Discovery, Self-Awareness, Career Development, Personal Well-being, Relationship Building, Emotional Intelligence, Confidence & Resilience, Spirituality, Inspiration Insight, and more.

Sessions Starting in Fall 2021.

Inner growth enables us to live more meaningfully. It gives us various life hacks to access riches in all spheres of life not just financial. It enhances mental, physical, and spiritual well-being putting our life into a better gear.

Insightful and Empowering Talks

Learn simple yet powerful life lessons. Propel your personal growth.

Life Makes Sense

A. Kanish, author of You Are The Source, engages with you, in this series of talks, to explore the innate human quest for finding the meaning of life.

Through this series of master talks, A. Kanish, takes you on an empowering journey of self exploration. It covers various topics from understanding the power of mind and self talk to seasons of life and cause of everything.

Enjoy mind-nourishing talks that hold the potential to awaken you to your true self.