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Achieve true success

Make personal and professional choices based on your unique skills, strengths, deepest dreams, and passions. Experience greater growth and success.


Enjoy Better Relationships

Gain clarity on your dominant nature, tendencies, and areas of self-mastery. Build stronger relationships.

Be in harmony and balance

Attune yourself to the changing rhythms and themes of your life-journey. Make best of favorable times.


Experience more joy

Bring deeper alignment of your actions and efforts with your unique self. Live life to the fullest.

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Why Self-Discovery?

Top Reasons for Self-Discovery

Self discovery provides the foundation for personal development & growth. Among other things, it unlocks the secrets to living an awesome life. Below we share the top reasons why self-discovery is important and how it really helps —

Follow Your Heart

Know your true passions and motivations to make career and other crucial decisions of your life instead of following the crowd.

Become More Empathetic

Understand your unique self and use that understanding to appreciate and respect the individuality of others and build healthy relationships.

Develop Self-Mastery

More you know about yourself, easier it is for you to avoid unhealthy and unproductive temptations. You can direct all your energies toward only what truely serves your innate needs.

Overcome Inner Conflicts

Learn about and overcome behavioral patterns and inner conflicts that come in your way to become the best of you.

Pursue Your Purpose

Heightened self-awareness leads to improved choices, focused actions, controlled response to external factors, and therefore to a more fulfilling life.

Live Joyfully

Adjust and align your pursuits with the character and broad themes of the unfolding time periods of your life-journey to live a joyful life.


What Your Personalized SD Map Reveals To You

Your personalized Self Discovery Map (SD Map) promises to help you deepen your understanding of many important dimensions of your life journey.

Key Themes

What are the important themes of your life journey

Primary Motivations

What motivates you at a deeper level and gives you a sense of self

Dominant Tendencies

How you interpret and feel about everything you experience

Worldly Presentation

How you project yourself to the world and interact with it

Gifts for Professional Pursuits

What are your innate strengths to express yourself and serve others

Matching Career Paths and Roles

What career choices and roles are in alignment with your inherent strengths

Timelines of Various Opportunities

What themes and opportunities a given time period provides you for different pursuits

"I am amazed to learn so much about myself. Clapself SD Map gave me clarity on who I am and how I can express my true talents on the professional front."

Brandon Kmiec, Software Engineer

The 5S Framework

The Self Discovery Map is based on the 5S Framework as revealed in the book You Are The Source. The 2 S's of the Framework, the Soil and the Seasons, are briefly introduced below:


Discover the blueprint of your life journey that you have been experiencing through your human life form.

All life forms represent or encapsulate a specific vibratory pattern present at the place and time of their birth. The phrase "As above, so below" therefore truly sums it all up. This specific pattern of the macrocosm at a given space-time is referred to as the Soil. It can be mapped to a human life form, a microcosm, with a purpose to learn about the vibratory resources available to that life form across different dimensions of its human existence.

Your personalized SD Map brings useful and practical information about how this set of vibratory resources or the Soil becomes available on four key planes of your existence.


Learn about the unfolding time periods of your life journey that bring distinct characters and themes.

There are definitive time periods in every human life journey with each time period having its own character and specific themes. These time periods are referred to as the Seasons. Each Season carryies a unique meaning for your life.

Your personalized SD Map reveals and outlines these specific time periods or Seasons of your life journey and thereby empowers you to live in harmony with the character and themes of the prevailing Season. It also helps you in better equipping yourself for the upcoming seasons.

"Clapself's Self Discovery Map (SD Map) combines the timeless wisdom with the modern sensibility and AI based proprietary software algorithms to offer a practical and powerful self-discovery tool that when used with self awareness can empower you no matter where you are in your life journey..."

— A. Kanish, Inventor of The 5S Framework and Author of You Are The Source

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Every Self Discovery Map purchase contributes to meaningful and sustainable development in Africa.