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Self-exploration for happy, fun, successful, and purposeful life.


Self-discovery is an important component of personal development, self growth, and transformation. It helps us answer fundamental questions about ourselves — who we are, what we want, and why. Once we are clear about our innate needs, motivations, passions, unique talents, and strengths, charting the success journey becomes an easier undertaking.

Self-discovery is a flashlight that makes locating and treading the path toward a happy and wholesome life natural.

Powerful Programs, Tools, Books, and Content

Empowering you to know yourself better in an easy and fun way.


Clapself offers an intelligent self-discovery tool for career that helps you understand your true potential and provides you a personalized map to your success journey.

Clapself self-discovery tool empowers you to know your natural gifts and talents and shows you how you can best utilize them to live an awesome life.


The Clapself Web Series Life Makes Sense takes you through mind-nourishing discussions that hold the potential to awaken you to your true self.

In this series, A. Kanish, author of You Are The Source, engages with you to explore the innate human quest for finding meaning of life.


Clapself brings expert content for deeper understanding of self-discovery and how it influences our pursuits in life. You get to learn the art of self exploration from different perspectives.

Smart tips and simple advice from experts can make it easier to align our efforts with our natural talents to get the maximum out of our life journey.


Self-discovery is an exciting and vast field. There are amazing books, by many pioneers in this space, that one can draw from.

Clapself provides you a list of recommended books that help you know yourself better. Whether you are looking for a quick read or a deep-dive into self-discovery, Clapself has a recommendation for you.

You Are The Source, by A. Kanish, answers the two most fundamental questions i.e. Who Am I and What’s My Purpose

Clapself for Self Discovery

Self-discovery, while being critical for improving our life journey, is often not easy.

True self-discovery is not limited to determining your personality type, it goes much deeper than that. Also, we are constantly evolving, making self-discovery or self-exploration a somewhat moving target. The day to day rush of life keeps us so entangled that it’s challenging to find some quiet time for a regular deep soul searching to clearly and fully understand ourselves.

Clapself sets you on a path to a heightened self-awareness.

Self-awareness in turn leads to improved choices, focused actions, controlled response to external factors, and therefore to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Key Aspects Self Discovery

What exactly is Self-Discovery?

Know Your Purpose

The first step in any chase is to know exactly what it is that we are after. If we are not clear where we are headed, our path will be dictated by the pulls and pushes of people and situations we encounter along the way. And, we are sure to feel lost sooner or later.

We must articulate what success and happiness really mean to us personally. What exactly gives us that feeling of being happy and successful? What’s our purpose on this planet? What is it that we want out of our lives?

Know What Motivates You

If we don’t know why exactly a pursuit matters to us, we are highly likely to feel overwhelmed at the smallest of obstacles and abandon it altogether. Our inner motivations give us the drive to push ahead regardless of the circumstances.

Therefore, it’s critical to have an absolutely clear understanding of both what and why to be on a happy success journey. When we are always aware of why we are after something, our chase becomes fearless, tireless, and more meaningful.

Know Your Passions

We must have a clear understanding of what we really love doing. What is it that simply pulls us in? It's usually something that we can do tirelessly, without even caring for any associated rewards. Because the joy we get out of is so immense that other things matter less.

Pursuing our passions implies working in tune with our soul and in alignment with our true purpose. This is the only thing that has the potential to get us closer to real happiness and clear sense of purpose.

Know Your Talents

Another key aspect of self-discovery is knowing our gifts and talents. Being aware of our strengths that make us unique and have the potential to set us apart from rest of the world. We all have our strengths. It's about figuring out what those are. What is that we do best naturally without any special training or coaching.

When we play with our strengths, our unique gifts and talents, our chances of achieving what we desire multiply. Our strengths and talents are our secret keys to success.

What Is Self Awareness?

Self-awareness means clear and accurate knowledge of one’s deep rooted desires, passions, values, thoughts, beliefs, skills, and talents. Yes, it’s about knowing the core, the DNA, that makes us who we are — a marvel of creation — a unique figure with unique nature, a reflection of unique aspirations and capabilities.

Why Self-Awareness Is Challenging?

Despite the fact that every moment our core reveals itself to us in various forms, most of us actually find it difficult to understand. And, there are many reasons why it's so.

Not Focusing On Self

Often we are in a mad rush with no time or energy left for tuning to self.

External Influences

We are driven by external stimuli. We tend to trust the world around us more than our own guts.

Ignoring Gut Feeling

We give in to circumstances. We put on a mask that serves us well in the short term.

Trading Happiness

We tend to trade our happiness in one sphere of life with that of another.

Advantages of Self Awareness

Heightened self-awareness leads to improved choices, focused actions, controlled response to external factors, and therefore to a more fulfilling life.

An All Encompassing Self Exploration

Clapself offers powerful programs, tools, books, and content to help you truly discover yourself. It takes you on an all encompassing self exploration. An exciting journey that helps you know yourself better.

Clapself helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of all that makes you You. It may even surprise you by uncovering a side of yours that you never thought existed.

Above all, Clapself provides you the secrets on how to leverage clearer self-knowledge for living an exciting, happy, and wholesome life.

Below are some of the questions that Clapself's Self-Discovery solutions help you answer for yourself.

  • What is that I would do tirelessly regardless of the rewards
  • What are my biggest strengths — things that come naturally to me
  • What gives me boundless joy — joy that can only be experienced not expressed
  • What are my deepest unbiased feelings about my current state — job, health, relationship, finances
  • What does a good or great life entail for me
  • What are my short term and long term goals and priorities in all aspects of life
  • What’s my unique gift to the world
  • What do success and happiness truly mean to me
  • What do I think most about
  • What comes in my way to decision making
  • If money wasn’t a factor, what would I do
  • What stops me from pursuing what I really want to do
  • What brings the best out of me?