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  • Best 7 Career Suggestions
  • Only 3 Questions To Answer
  • 20+ Page Self Discovery Map
  • Combines 4 Human Dimensions
  • Leverages 1000+ AI Rules
  • Based on 5,000 Year Old System
  • Uses Innovative 5S Framework
  • Takes Less Than 4 Minutes

Make Smart Career Decisions

Pursue career options with the best potential for you. Experience faster growth and wholesome success.

A Personal Development tool for Self Discovery that's unlike any other. Provides specific favorable time-periods apart from wealth of other information to power your personal and career decisions.

AI & Jyotish Powered Personal Development

Helping make personal and professional life awesome.

Maximize your success

Make career and business choices based on your unique talents, skills, gifts, and strengths.

Enjoy a fulfilling career

Learn and satisfy your core passions, professional needs, goals, and aspirations.

Leverage opportunities to fullest

Find the specific time-periods holding biggest potential of career growth and rewards.

Experience more joy

Align your actions and efforts with your unique traits, talents, and favorable time-periods.

Know Self for Knowing What Career is Best for You.

A smart career decision is one that provides you the best prospect of lasting abundance, well-being, and joy.

A right match career is a complete package

  • Leverages your unique talents & strengths
  • Allows you to do what you do best
  • Makes work feel fun and fulfilling
  • Aligns with your deepest interests
  • Satisfies your career goals and objectives
  • Provides the least resistant path to success
  • Gives you plenty of growth opportunities
  • Brings you true happiness & well-being.

Power Your Wings

Leverage Your True Talents. Set Yourself for Greater Growth.

Your personalized Self Discovery Map promises to help you make winning career choices by making you fully aware of your winning traits and talents, and the matching career paths.

 Gifts for Career and Business Pursuits

What are your core strengths and talents promising greater success

 Matching Career Paths and Roles

What career choices and roles are in alignment with your inherent strengths

 Timelines of Various Opportunities

What opportunities a given time period provides you for professional pursuits

 Primary Motivations, Deepest Aspirations

What motivates you at a deeper level and gives you a sense of achievement

 Dominant Nature and Tendencies

How you interpret and feel about everything you experience

 Work and Business Relationships

How you project yourself to the world and interact with it

 Life Themes and Natural Potentials

What are the important themes and potentials of your life journey

Why Self-Discovery for Career Decisions?

A wrong career choice can bring a lot of frustration with self and people around us, impacting everything from self confidence, health and well-being, to relationships and general outlook toward life. Self-discovery helps in avoiding career missteps, and guides you toward greater professional growth and fulfillment.

Faster Career Growth

Wealth of self-knowledge to make better career and business related choices, thereby to experience better results.

Stronger Professional Relationships

Power to appreciate and respect the individuality of others, and to build healthy relationships at work.

Easier Self-Control

Self-mastery to avoid unhealthy and unproductive temptations, and direct all your energies toward what truely matters.

Better Version of You

Mastery over behavioral patterns and inner conflicts that come in your way to become the best of you.

Bolder Dreams and Goals

Knowledge eliminates fears and self-doubts that hold us back and prevent us from thinking big.

More of Everything Great!

Alignment of your pursuits with the character and broad themes of the unfolding time periods of your life-journey to live a joyful life.

A Unique, Precise, and Proven Approach

Combines the power of 5S-based proprietary software algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the best of the timeless wisdom known as Jyotish. Offers a precise map of personal and professional life journey.

 5S Framework

The 5S Framework is a ground-breaking model to know our true self and our purpose. It describes human life cycle in 5S's i.e. Source, Seed, Soil, Season, and Sowing.

Introduced in the profoundly inspiring book You Are The Source, the framework offers practical lessons and easy-to-use Personal Growth practices for living a more fulfilled and joyful life.


Jyotish (translated as "science of light") is a more than 5000 years old system designed for human development and well-being — just like Yoga and Ayurveda.

This non-sectarian, time-tested system is based on the principle of "As Above So Below". It allows us to learn about ourselves by mapping and understanding the pattern of the cosmos at the place-time of our birth.

 Artificial Intelligence

Powered by an AI based rules engine, Clapself self discovery map provides a precise and personalized view of your your life journey — because you are unique.

It provides you the results in a no-nonsense and easy-to-understand format with a purpose to empower you with self-knowledge and help advance your success journey.

Simply the Best Way to Find Your Best-Fit Career

Quickest & Easiest. No Questions on Self/Career Assessment. Best Career Pathways in Less Than 4 Minutes.

Instead of asking you to share your personality traits, skills, and goals etc., like a traditional career assessment tool, Clapself's self-discovery map uncovers and tells you all that and more. By analyzing your specific birth place and time information, it provides you hyper personalized, practical, and empowering information for wholesome success and well-being. It brings out not only the best match career pathways for you but also the most favorable time-periods for personal as well as career growth and expansion.

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Every Self Discovery Map purchase contributes to meaningful and sustainable development in Africa.