Breaking the Invisible Walls - Amita Khare

Amita Khare is a passionate Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. In addition to her private practice, Amita has been serving her community through her social work, mindfulness workshops, positive parenting talks, and various women's empowerment initiatives. Amita is also an active board member of SVC-CAMFT, the Sacramento chapter of MFTs.
Based in Sacramento, California, Amita symbolizes the spirit of never-too-late. In pursuit of her passion, she went back to school to get her Master’s degree in counseling, after taking a long break to raise her kids. Through Zenith Counseling, her independent counseling practice, Amita continues to use her passion, experience, and talent to serve others.
Through this celebration, we bring you Amita's amazing and inspiring story. Amita believes that if you pursue your passion and follow your heart, you can break all those invisible walls and achieve anything you want.
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