Decoding Adversity Quotient | AQ Coach Shivani Sharma | Managing Mental Wellness

Just like emotional quotient is one’s ability to handle emotions well, adversity quotient is the ability to handle adversities well. It marks an individual's resilience power to battle the forced or inflicted adversities in life. Sounds complicated? Then you must certainly watch the video!

In this video, Shivani Sharma, Founder - LBB, breaks down the whole concept of Adversity Quotient for us. She lists down various kinds of Adversity Quotients with apt examples that help you understand how big of a role the AQ actually plays in our lives. In the recent pandemic of COVID-19, most of us hit our threshold of having to constantly fight the adversities of life. - some forced, some self-inflicted. People have been losing jobs, exhausting savings, fighting health conditions and what now?

For the sake of a healthier and wiser future, we must prepare ourselves to be ready for harsh situations that ought to arise. And this video aims to do just that!
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