Fasten Your Seat Belts...Let's do a Soundcheck!

Here's a brief about what my beautiful journey from being a cabin attendant to a Celebrity DJ today, has been. I hope this incredibly adventurous odyssey is able to ignite limitless passion in everyone who wants to chase their dreams. Remember, there are no full stops...
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      DJ Paroma, A very inspiring story!! Thanks for sharing with us.... I know so many people out there are in the same situation where you were ten years ago, and your story will inspire them to follow their heart and pursue their passion. Well done.
    • K
      Dear Paroma, thank you for sharing your journey. It's so inspiring. You have chosen such a unique career for yourself. I wonder how your family supported you in your pursuit of being a DJ. Respect and best wishes!
    • N
      Well done Paroma…your story is truly inspiring! Kind of igniting the fire in my belly too to try and follow your passion!! Kudos to you and wish you all the luck !