Inspiring Self-Love and Body-Love Advocate - Candace Molatore

Candace Molatore is many things in one. A young trendsetter. A phenomenal photographer and a dynamic branding consultant, based in Portland, Oregon, she is an inspiring self-love advocate.
Candace is on a mission to strengthen and empower the lives of those around her. She is a true champion for self-acceptance and body positivity.
Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Candace was only two weeks old when her white parents adopted her. Despite a challenging childhood as she was constantly trying to fit in, she overcame obstacles with the help of her family's immense love and support.
Candace managed to embrace her struggle despite grappling with complex feelings and insecurities herself. Having struggled herself due to body transformation over the years, she is determined and has constantly been working toward helping others.
Candace is a rising Social Media star. We celebrate her accomplishments and her mission to help others find their self worth and self confidence.
We interacted with Candace to learn how she manages to stay focused and positive, and what advice she has for those lacking motivation and self-confidence.
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