Learn Secrets To Build A Winning Attitude

Positive attitude is the force that keeps us focused on the goal regardless of the obstacles along the way. It is critical for success but how do we stay positive? Especially in difficult times.

This Learning Bite shares 5 easy tips to build an ever-positive attitude for greater success and growth. Here is the complete transcript.

Success in any endeavor begins with a positive mindset. Let's discuss how to develop it easily.

It’s not hard to overflow with positivity while things are going our way. But it’s not easy to call it to action when everything seems off script.

Positive attitude is critical for success but how do we stay positive? Especially in difficult times. Are there any tips and tricks that help one master the art of positivity? The good news is that we are all wired for positivity. Science confirms it. It’s at our core. We exist, we act because, we are positive. And it’s easy to develop and grow the positivity quotient within us.

Let’s talk about some simple and scientifically proven techniques that we can use in our daily lives to stay positive.

  1. Be Grateful; Be Thankful.
  2. Connect with Self.
  3. Read a Good Book.
  4. Be Kind to Yourself.
  5. Connect with the World.

1. Be Grateful. Count Your Blessings.
Even in the worst of situations, if we try hard enough, we can see positivity around us and most importantly within us.

We read and hear about it all the time yet often we miss to follow this simplest rule — be grateful. It’s the easiest and most powerful way to offset any negative thoughts and feelings. To bring a blast of harmony and happiness into our daily lives.

We don’t even need to do a whole lot of time-travel to identify elements of our world — people, possessions, privileges, and powers, that we should be grateful for. Let’s just focus on the day at hand. Maybe some things didn’t go as we had envisioned but let’s direct our attention to all that did.

We can appreciate all that we got to do during the day. We take so much for granted that we overlook a million opportunities to feel blessed, to feel truly grateful for this gift of life. Getting to watch a nice movie sitting comfortably at home, sipping a cup of coffee with a friend or partner, or simply flipping through some old photos. Getting to do groceries, dishes or laundry. Getting to check emails and messages. Exercising. All are part of the package that we must feel grateful for.

We can also be thankful to people who gave us some smiles during the day — through their kind act, encouraging words, warm greetings, unconditional love, helping hand, or simply by their presence. It’s not hard to feel thankful that we have them in our lives.

As we start the process of feeling grateful, we find ourselves acknowledging a stream of blessings, soaking us in a flood of positive emotions. Studies show that practicing this daily empowers us in many ways. The challenge however is that we tend to have short memories about happier moments. And that’s where the widely recommended practice of writing the blessings down on a piece of paper, on a daily basis, comes to help. This simple exercise fills us with positivity, changes our outlook toward life, improves relationships, guards us from stress, attracts success, and generates lasting happiness.

2. Connect with Self
In a highly connected world, we are often disconnected with our own core. Amidst the cacophony of our surroundings, our own desires, needs, and demands go unheard. We are running so fast that we don’t have time to pause and check on our own well being.

We find it much easier to throw a lid on our precious feelings as opposed to accepting, confronting, or following their lead. We allow the power of external forces acting upon us to be so strong that our inner voices are left panting.

We miss to recognize that just like everything and everyone else that needs our time and attention, our own body, mind, and soul need us too. Suppression or indifference toward our own needs leads to all kinds of knots in our relationship with self. And these knots reflect in the form of confusion, fear, frustration, and various other negative emotions in all aspects of our life journeys — be it health, career, love, or relationships.

By not knowing ourselves well enough, we expose ourselves to all kinds of worldly traps.
Without listening to its demands, we cannot pamper our body the way it would like us to. Without having a clear understanding of our true nature, we cannot get the best out of ourselves. Without knowing our aspirations, we cannot even begin to strive for real happiness and a sense of accomplishment.

A deep connection with self helps us understand who and what really matters to us and why. It helps us discover who we truly are. What we are here for. What our talents and resources are. What makes us smile. What gives us the most satisfaction. Knowing ourselves gives us clarity and confidence. It prepares us to fight our fights to the best of our abilities.

There are many techniques that experts recommend to build this deep connection with self. Probably the simplest one is to be more aware of our thoughts, feelings, dreams, and desires. Exercising mindfulness, meditation, and yoga are other proven ways to enhance our relationship with self. If everything else seems too much, just spending some quality time with self can provide the much-needed healing touch.

3. Read a Good Book or Blog
We don’t know what we don’t know. There are an incredible number of people out there who offer a wealth of wisdom, gathered from research or their own life experiences, through their books or blogs.
Safest and smartest way to acquire knowledge is to learn from someone else’s experience. A timely tip can save us from the unnecessary pain so we should welcome it regardless of its source.

Especially when we feel low, a positive and uplifting book can offer us comfort and hope. And we shouldn’t wait for some challenges to arrive before we seek a book for help. Reading regularly is a healthier habit. It prepares us for unknown waters.

Even the smartest of us have challenging days. They can easily get the best of us. Therefore, we all need a regular dose of positivity to stay optimistic and motivated. Self-help and inspirational books are a great way to tap into collective wisdom for recharging ourselves. And to continually boost our positive attitude.

4. Love Yourself
We are cheerleaders for the world around us but when it comes to ourselves, often, we are anything but kind. It’s ironic that we expect the moon, mars, and more from us without ever pausing to appreciate ourselves.

Questioning or criticizing ourselves at times is normal — in fact required. It helps us make corrections while in the flight. But complaining about everything, not finding ourselves good enough for anything damages our self-esteem. We must recognize the fact that nothing and no one in this world is perfect. We are all prone to making mistakes. And while we desire them bad, we don’t really have super powers beyond a certain point. All we have got is our body and mind to relish this world. We better take good care of them both.

We cannot win any battle without loving ourselves to the core. Without accepting ourselves the way we are.

Self-love keeps us energized. It boosts our self-esteem and fills us with all the positive feelings such as pride, confidence, patience, hope, love, and happiness. Every day pressures of life are more than enough to drain us. We do not want our own attitude toward ourselves become an added struggle. The warmth of self-love has the power to heal us.

Attaining a winning attitude is not possible without first loving ourselves dearly.

5. Connect with the Nature
Connecting with the world has a therapeutic impact on our minds and bodies. Nothing gives us more pleasure and satisfaction than an act of kindness toward others. And nothing awes and inspires us more than nature.

Through our small acts of kindness we have the power to make a big difference in someone else’s life. It could be in the form of a compliment, encouragement, donation, or something else. We feel great when we know that someone has a smile on their face because of us. It boosts our self-worth.

Nature provides us another incredible escape. Nature opens our minds and hearts like nothing else. It inspires us. It fills us with love, peace, and joy. More opportunities we find for connecting with the world around us, more positivity we attract. More positive we are, the more meaningful and exciting our lives are.

Anyone can follow the discussed simple steps to develop a winning attitude for greater success and growth.

Thank You!

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