The ecovillage map of regeneration

The ecovillage map of regeneration distilled years of experience working in community building and ecovillage formation of the Global Ecovillage Network & Gaia Education. It introduces you the core principles regarding the different areas of regeneration including social, cultural, ecology, economic and whole systems design. The map is introduced by Trudy Juriansz - Former networking director and Ambassador of Global Ecovillage Network.
We will dive deeper into this map of regeneration within the course of REGEN-Nations. REGEN-Nations is a 6-month project based learning journey created by the Global Ecovillage Network Oceania and Asia (GENOA). Our programme provides a whole-systems education to create solutions for sociological, cultural, economic, and ecological resilience and regeneration.
Read more about REGEN-Nations and register to join here:
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