Winner Of The Sony World Photography Award Shares His Success Tips

Meet Pubarun Basu, very first Indian to bag the title of Youth Photographer of the Year 2021 at Sony World Photography Awards. He’s passionate about telling stories through his lens. He’s all of 20 years old but already inspiring an entire generation of photographers through his work and words.
Pubarun started playing with the cameras and other photography equipment as a 4 year old.
He gives credit to his dad, a professional photographer, for introducing him to the amazing world of photography.
When kids his age played with their toys, Pubarun went around training his lenses in curiosity and capturing the fascinating elements of life around him.
Early exposure and experimentation with photography as a craft, helped Pubarun realize that telling stories through the fine art of photography was his true calling. And he pursued it with all his dedication and passion. Even during the covid triggered lockdown, when outdoor photography wasn’t possible, Pubarun didn’t stop working on his skills.
He used the time indoors to challenge himself as a photographer, acquire new skills, and put them to test. Infact, his winning shot was captured indoors, proving that we as human beings do have the power to turn difficult times into newer opportunities.
With camera and artistic mindset as his constant companions, Pubarun is on to creating a photography legacy of his own.
We had the opportunity to interact with Pubarun and learn about his feelings on winning this prestigious award and his future plans. What’s striking about this young achiever, from Kolkata (India), is his thought process and level of maturity.
The young photographer is staring at an exciting journey ahead as an artist and is graciously sharing his tips for budding photographers.
Please find the entire conversation below. And you can also find more about Pubarun at his website:

(No Escape From Reality - Photo Credit: Pubarun Basu)
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