5 Easy Tips To Listen To Your Heart

Heart is the smartest guidance system we have got. It doesn't just pump, it signals too. But tuning to and trusting it doesn't come easy. Often the head takes over and turns every situation into a complex logic game.


Why should I listen to my heart?

Because no one knows you better than your heart.

We make decisions every wakeful moment. Many of these decisions are small and easy ones that do not require any major thinking on our part - what to eat in breakfast, what tasks to pick up first, when to take a coffee break, which calls to take and which ones to ignore, etc.

Every situation, every decision evokes emotions that we feel through our heart. Decisions that do not trigger very deep emotions are easier to make. But harder decisions can trigger a flood of emotions and logic alone cannot tackle well. And that's where heart can play a key role in identifying the best path forward.

How do I listen to my heart?

Okay, so it's one of those things that you percieve not literally listen. 

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen. – Rumi

Below are a few simple and easy tips to listen to your heart -

  1. Pay Attention - Our busy life style doesn't make it easy to tune to our heart. We tend to be driven by our brains - the amazing logical and analytical machine that has a remarkable capability to process information. The inner voice, that gut feeling gets suppressed in the noise of logical churning. But if we pay attention to our feelings, emotions, and sensations in the body, we can tell what choice will make us happier.
  2. Block Out External Influences - People around you feel compelled to help you with tough decisions. And it's alright to seek advice. But ultimate decision must be yours. It must come from your own heart. 
  3. Meditate - Meditation helps in turning our attention inward. It's an effective way to calm the chattering and questioning mind and to listen to our inner voice.
  4. Focus - Focus helps us catch even the smallest of the signals that our heart sends out.
  5. Practice Mindfulness - Establish and strengthen your connection with your heart. Trust it more and let it be your guide.



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