Every Moment Of Life Is Special, Paint It So

Limit Your Travels To The Past And The Future

A moment lost is an opportunity gone. Gone forever. We cannot reclaim it. And therefore it only makes sense to exploit every moment, that life offers, to its fullest. Use it toward something that gives us true joy. Something that resonates with our core. Something that fulfills us. And keeps any negative thoughts and emotions miles away.

In order to make the best of every moment, we must seize it first. Claim it, own it. Feel its presence. Live in it. And put our stamp on it.

Live in the moment

Every moment has its own fragrance, to inhale we must hold it by its stem.

But how? Especially in this age of smartphones and social media, our lives are so elaborately profiled that it’s hard not to turn the pages backward and revisit some precious moments. And thoughts and worries of the future, particularly in this covid-19 era, consume us.  So how can we really live in the present moment?

Experts recommend a few simple things that we all can practice to get the best out of every moment.

Recognize That Mind Is A Wanderer

The very first step toward living in the moment is to acknowledge that the mind is a wanderer. It likes to travel between past and future and that it rarely is here and now. We simply cannot press a pause while it is at present moment. So don’t wrestle with its nature. Accept that it's a wanderer and work with it.


Balance Past, Present, and Future

We cannot totally ignore our past and future. Our wisdom, lessons learnt, come from the past. Our future goals help us plan our present. So we must tap into both our past experiences as well as our future plans to have a great present.

The key however is to ensure that these trips to the past and future lands are with a clear purpose. Otherwise they are sure to suck us in and drain our energies.

Our goal should be to learn from the past, plan with an eye on the future, and act and live in the present as much as we can.

Do Something Fun and Engaging

We all are creative in our own way. Find something that engages you. It could be anything that you easily get engrossed in, and lose track of time solving puzzles, coloring, painting, writing, running, gardening, singing, dancing, etc.

Practice Yoga and Mindfulness

Yoga and meditation and powerful tools for a healthy mind and body. A regular practice of yoga and meditation bring wellness into our lives which helps in staying grounded. It enhances our focus among other things which can be directed towards the present.

Being mindful is being aware of our thoughts, perceptions, and feelings at a given moment. It's knowing exactly how we are responding to some situations or people from the realm of reality or imagination.

Living in the present moment requires a sincere effort on our part. It may appear difficult at first but with practice impossible is nothing.


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