Exercising Compassion To Attract Happiness

Compassion starts with self-love and self-care. If we are not compassionate toward ourselve, we cannot be truly compassionate toward others. So pause for a few seconds and ask yourself if you are being compassionate about youself.

We cannot share what we don't have. We cannot love meaningfully if we don't love ourselves. We cannot care for others if we ignore our own feelings and needs. So very first step toward being happy is to ensure that our own needs are understood and given due attention to. Only when we are at peace with ourselves we start being a help for those around us.

Empathizing with someone, showing that you care, and making an attempt to help not only brings joy to that person but for self as well. That's the power of compassion - it provides a healing touch in both directions.

Compassion empowers us in a very unique way. It helps us understand people better something that's important for building warm relationships, boosting buoyant goodwill, seeking timely support, etc. It is compassion that differentiates us humans from robots.

While being compassionate, we also must be strong and tough to sparkle like a diamond. We must be emotionally strong to go through the roller-coaster of life seasons. We must be spiritually rooted to handle the unexpected. We must be aware of our desires and pursue them with all our might to attain true happiness.

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