How Much Does Self-Care Matter and Why

We all want life to be awesome every single day. But we also know that that's just a mirage. Life goes through its cycles - some we control, some we don't.

Since everything begins with self, one of the very basic things that we can do to have more of awesome days is to be nice to ourselves. To recognize that not everything is in our control, that pushing ourselves too hard can actually delay the progress we are trying to make, that self-care is critical for keeping the dream train going.

We must give ourselves regular breaks. We must have days when we don't take life too seriously.

Some days all you want from life is a lemonade. An exotic one, of course!


This is not to say that stop your dream pursuits. It simply means that our body and mind both need regular rest and rejuvination to function optimally. We cannot take them for granted and keep on pushing. Life expects us to be mindful of our own needs. It expects us to be kind to ourselves. It feels awesome when we are kind to ourselves.

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