How To Make Smart Career Decisions

So Much of Our Life Depends Upon Our Career Choices. It's Critical We Make Them Right.

Career decisions are so critical for our overall sense of financial security and sense of purpose that we struggle to make them. The fear of making a wrong decision, causes a lot of inner turmoil.

You wonder whether to go with what's hot in the market, offers good money and social status, or listen to that gut feeling deep within and follow your heart.

You wonder - what career is best for me? What will give me the greatest chance of success and self fulfillment. 

Let's explore some tips and tools that can help us make better career and business choices.

What Makes a Career Decision Smart

A smart career decision is one that provides us the best prospect of lasting abundance, well-being, and joy. It’s the career choice that makes it easiest for us to excel and experience growth and self fulfillment in life. It offers the least resistance path, among all alternatives, toward our life goals.


A smart career choice allows us to do what we do best. It makes the work feel fun. It’s a setting that we fit naturally in. A profession that feels like it is designed for us. A path that fully leverages our unique smarts — our true talents and strengths. A vehicle that drives us forward and upward — toward that fountain of holistic well being in life — a universal life goal that we all are in pursuit of.


Let’s keep in mind that no career is good or bad. The question is only about the degree of compatibility and alignment with one’s specific skills, talents, nature, and career goals and objectives. We all are unique and therefore a career and business decision is very personal in nature. 

There can be many tempting career options. Choosing the career that best aligns with who you are at your core and offers you the best chance of acquiring lasting success, happiness, and a sense of purpose makes it a smart decision.


How is Success Linked to Career Choice

A career that best utilizes our unique strengths and talents offers us the most promising opportunity for true success. A success that is not limited to just monetary rewards but is holistic i.e. offers us a strong prospect of a happy, healthy, wealthy, and balanced life journey.

For you to really relish and flourish in your career, you must ensure that it is in alignment with your true nature and your life’s grand purpose.

Going with the winds of what’s hot in the job market can definitely provide you temporary excitement and monetary rewards but it will never bring a lasting sense of satisfaction, success, and happiness — that spark of holistic well being in life.


Choosing The Right Career

Deciding which career to pursue is one of the most defining moments of one’s life. It’s among the biggest and most consequential decisions one makes in their lifespan. And depending upon your goals and constraints it can be real hard to choose the best career option.

Choosing the right career is as important as choosing the right life partner. Sure, some experimentation is alright but you must be aware of the costs it carries.

A poor career choice can cause pain at all levels. It can drain us physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It can bring a lot of frustration with self and people around us, impacting everything from self confidence, health and well-being, to relationships and general outlook toward life. 

If our career doesn’t align well with who we truly are, what we really enjoy doing, what our inherent strengths are, significant professional growth is simply unlikely. And lack of professional growth leads to feeling stuck in life. Trapped in the wrong lane. Therefore, it’s important to find the career path that best suits our likings, strengths, core nature, dreams, and aspirations.


How To Find The Best Match Career

You understand the importance of career in your life. You also understand that the most rewarding career for you is the one that’s in total alignment with your true nature. Therefore the process of finding the right or best match career for you is really about finding your true nature

And while you can do some inner engineering or ask yourself certain questions, it’s not always easy to fully fathom our true nature for we are a complex breed. And that’s where technology and ancient wisdom come to help. 

Clapself’s smart Self Discovery Map can remove all the guesswork and the bias that self assessment generally entails. It reveals a wealth of information, based upon your specific birth place and time information, that you can easily use to make smart career choices.


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