Let Imagination Take You To Places Incredible

Imagination is an incredibly powerful tool. We all possess it but not all of us use it to its fullest potential.

It's the imagination that makes us creative. It helps us see and feel things that our 5 senses cannot percieve. Its ability to create mental pictures and scenes empowers us to find solutions to problems, invent new ideas, plan ahead, and to take much needed breaks from the physical world.

Following quote sums it well -

Often I skate the sky, it's so boring to have only earthly exploits -- Ramna Sharma, Author Gritty Girl


Imagination is an effective visualization tool. It allows us to visualize all that we desire. The key however is to imagine only positive things that give us peace and pleasure. Letting imagination run wild can do more harm than good. The idea is not to daydream but to use imagination as a tool to make life easier and better.

Humanity would not have evolved as much without this precious gift of imagination. 

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