Look out the Window to Smell Possibilities

It's not uncommon to feel stuck. One could feel stuck in their personal or professional fronts at some point in their lives. It's okay if the feeling is shortlived. However, if it lingers on and grows stronger with time, it must be addressed.

And to address the feeling, we must first understand the cause. What is it that's making you feel stuck? Ask youself a few questions -

  1. What is that you are wanting to achieve but are not able to? 
  2. Why achieving whatever it is that you want to achieve is important for you?
  3. Is your goal in alignment with your natural talent and skills?
  4. What's preventing you from achieving your goals?

The most important question is the question #3 i.e. whether or not the goal you are wanting to achieve is in line with your talents. A false sense of one's characteristics and capabilities can lead to dreams and desires that are misplaced. And struggle to achieve them can feel endless giving rise to a very intense feeling of being stuck.


Tip For Setting Yourself Free


A. Have a Clear Goal

The first step in dealing with feeling stuck is to go back and re-evaluate and redefine our life objectives very cearly. Making sure that no aspect of it is out of sync with our true nature. Everything else starts from that point on.

B. Be Optimistic; Think Positive

This one can be hard during tough times. Having a strong belief that your efforts will pay off, that your victory is on the way, helps in keeping a positive attitude throughout the journey. Read how positive attitude and lasting success and happiness are interlinked.

C. Have a Mentor

Somebody who has achieved success in the same space would be an ideal person to seek advice from. Successful people are generally open to share their wisdom. 

D. Think Outside The Box

It's okay to feel stuck. To not see the path to your dream world. The key is to not stop looking for that one route, that one ride, that'll take you to your destination.

Sometimes it just requires a shift, subtle or radical, in our approach.

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