Positive Attitude For Lasting Success And Happiness

It’s positive thinking, the feeling of optimism, the state of being persistently excited about a certain possibility, that makes us unstoppable.

Success and happiness are eternal goals of humanity. Most sought after jewels of the planet. While success and joy may mean very different things to different people, everyone shares the quest to find and capture them.

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Positive attitude has been the subject of numerous books, debates, and scientific studies. The role of positive thinking in acquiring personal success and happiness in life continues to fascinate a lot of us. So much so that it’s now an integral part of a new stream of psychology called Positive Psychology — study of the good life.

Science tells us that both success and happiness are interlinked and that the key to find them lies in positive attitude.

It’s the positive attitude, along with an intense desire, a deep rooted dream, that sets us flying on a success journey.

Research confirms that a positive mindset does contribute remarkably toward one’s overall well being, and that happy individuals are more likely to achieve their goals, attract wealth, build healthier relationships, live longer, and most importantly enjoy their life journeys.

The benefits of positive thinking seem obvious — should not even require a whole lot of research. When we believe that the desired outcome is achievable, that a long cherished dream has the potential to turn into a reality, that a future whose view we hold so deeply is up for grabs, we are inherently more inclined to work toward it regardless of the setbacks along the way.

When we know that an intensely desired reward is waiting for us across a bridge, we are bound to dash toward it. Falls, or the bruises they cause, are simply powerless to pause the feet on mission.

Optimism about the future fuels our actions. It determines our associations. It defines how we feel—about ourselves and the world around us. And thus it defines where we actually end up.

So there really is no debate on whether positive attitude, or lack thereof, has a direct relationship with personal success. The question, however, is whether or not we can train our minds to be more positive. Whether or not, our minds are even capable of tuning the negativity out—especially in times when everything around us works overtime to amplify it.

Let’s explore the idea of positive attitude a little further. Let’s find out for ourselves if positive thinking truly has that magical power to propel us toward a tomorrow of our dreams, and learn some simple, scientifically proven, tips and tricks to cultivate it.

In this series of articles, we’ll discuss the following:


As you read through this material, keep in mind that one size doesn’t fit all. There may be parts that don’t apply to you. We all are unique. How we process things around us is unique to us. Our current states, our dreams, aspirations, and their intensity are all unique to us. What works for one person may not work for another. Only you know your personal state, only you know what makes you you, so pick and choose what’s  relevant. 


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