Practical Tips to Drop the Damaging Baggage

With time we tend to accumulate a decent load of unproductive thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, views, memories and what not. Often this becomes the biggest obstacle in the success path.

Let's put it this way - we cannot march forward for long with a heavy heart or mind. We cannot fight the external demons when we have internal ones draining us. 

To rise higher, we must drop the baggage that weighs us down

Negative feelings and emotions, regardless of their source, only hinder our progress. And it's not always easy to pack them up and throw out the window.

Our experiences shape us. They influence our thought process. Below are a few quick tips to drop the baggage from the past for a happier and more fulfilling life.

  1. Let go, don't bottle up
  2. Choose self-confidence over arrogance
  3. Don't let someone else's opinion come in your way
  4. Practice mind-body exercies - yoga, workout, meditation
  5. Be aware of your thoughts, pay least attention to the unproductive ones
  6. Give your precious energy only to what empowers you not something that drains you
  7. Always remember what matters most to you so that that small things bother less
  8. Practice self-talk to train your mind to focus on the positive side of things
  9. One bad experience doesn't mean much for a fresh start
  10. Acknowledge that life is a series of experiences, be the best witness to them

If the feelings of worry, fear, anger are weighing you down and nothing that you do is helping, we suggest you take help from experts. 


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