Top 5 Ways To Attain Inner Peace

Anything, material success included, without a deep sense of inner peace will feel worthless at the end of the day. It's the inner peace and serenity that help us feel in control and in harmony with life situations.

What Is Inner Peace

Inner peace is what keeps us grounded, calm, optimistic, and confident in the face of adversities. It's the shield that prevents our minds from overheating during internal or external chaos.

Inner peace is the state of mind when we feel at ease with ourselves, people, and the situations around us. When the worries don't consume us. When we are not overthinking about any life situation. When our mind is not racing frantically from one stream of thoughts to another.

It's that zone where clear thinking flourishes.


Why Inner Peace Is Difficult To Attain

Attaining inner peace is challenging primarily because of the very nature of the mind that likes to latch on to certain thoughts. Secondly, there are just too many factors both internal and external that influence our inner peace.

If you are finding it difficult to attain and maintain inner peace, just know that you are not alone. This covid year, in particular, has brought ovewhelming chaos for almost everyone to deal with.

Covid-19 Specific Worries

New pressures of working remotely, poor economic climate, not having a job, worries about kids' academic year, fears about personal health or those of loved ones, overthinking about when the life will be back to normal — it's all real and all can disturb the serenity of the mind and cause unprecedented anxiety.



Tips For Attaining Inner Peace

We must find simplest and most effective ways to feel in control and regain our inner peace.

1. Listen To Yourself

First and foremost, we must listen to ourselves. We must confront and intercept our own train of thoughts to understand what exactly is troubling us. What's the cause of worry. Often it's not one or two things. Acknowledge every feeling, acknowledge every worry, every concern. So that you can begin the process of finding resolution(s) toward attaining inner peace.

2. Resolve Conflicts

If you are holding some conflicts in your heart, it's time to resolve them. Let go of any rivalaries, any angst against someone. Open the communication channel with a loved one you haven't spoken to in a while because of some unpleasant episode. The baggage of any negative feelings will hold you back. Let it go. Reset. Start afresh.

3. Accept Things As They Are

We must accept that many things in our lives are beyond our control. Don't fight with what is. Don't question nature's way. If you cannot change something, give your best to accepting it as it is. Make peace with it.

4. Choose Response Over Reaction

Our natural instinct is to react to everything. An impulsive action or words can add fuel to fires that you are trying to put off. A carefully thought response on the other hand offers the best chance to stay in charge of the situation.

5. Practice Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness

Deep rythmic breathing is proven to calm the nerves down and bring tranqulity of mind. Practicing mindfulness, being aware of our thoughts and emotions helps us better channelize our energies towards positivity. It has a soothing impact on us that in turn helps improve our physical well being.


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